Mike Tyson Would Have Worked With Mel Gibson “100%”. We Smell A Spin-Off!


Let’s not let Liam Neeson get wind of this, or else he is going to be super jealous. Apparently Mike Tyson says he would have worked with Mel Gibson “100%” on The Hangover 2, probably because he knows he has the upper body-strength needed to deal with Gibson on a daily basis. Zach Galifianakis? Not so much.

Says Tyson, “I’m not going to ever in my life point my finger at anyone. I don’t live in a glass house. None of us do.” Well, while it’s true most of us don’t live in glass houses, we’ve also never threatened to bury anyone in the rose garden outside of our actual houses. Soooooooo, it’s apples to oranges really.

Continued Tyson, “I work with anybody, as long as they’re respectful.” See, there’s the problem. From all reports, Gibson actually forgot what the word ‘respectful’ meant in order to make room in his brain for more racial epithets. It’s just science!

Some, reportedly even Gibson himself, criticized The Hangover director Todd Phillips for casting Tyson, a former drug-user and convicted rapist, but not Mel, who is also terrible. Didn’t their mamas ever tell them that two wrongs don’t make a right? Just because you have one criminal-level misogynist in a film doesn’t mean you have to pack the cast with them.  On the other hand, we’ve already started composing the theme song to The Mel And Mike Movie: Escape From Crazytown.  [Photos: Getty Images/]

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