Patricia Arquette Goes Mama Grizzly While Defending Brother David Arquette


Since everyone and their mother (including us and our mothers) are shamefully giggling behind their hands this week about Courteney Cox Arquette’s husband and his emotional melt-down, it’s nice to see his sister Patricia Arquette defending David Arquette. Now, did she have to do it by losing her marbles on the red carpet? We’ll let the courts decide.

While with her bro at Wednesday’s ONEXONE Foundation Gala event in New York, Patricia hulked out on a group of reporters asking questions about the Cox-Arquette situation. Patricia snarled, “”How are you doing? How is your kid doing? Have you ever had anything happen in your life? What’s the worst thing that you’ve ever had happen to you? Do you ever masturbate? Have you ever had an abortion? I mean, can you imagine these kind of questions? Can you imagine? Can you imagine? It’s not alright! It’s not alright!” Patricia, don’t give David any more ideas! He was probably standing behind her the whole time, furiously taking notes so he knows what embarrassing things to bring up in public.

And is it really “not alright” for us to ask questions about Arquette’s very public, very gruesome separation saga? Normally we would (reluctantly) agree with Patty, despite our own burning, evil love of celeb gossip. However, if someone willfully goes to a shock jock and dishes on the intimate details of their emotional and sexual life in a totally cray-cray manner? Sorry: they clearly want the public to know. And if that person does it more than once? On HOWARD STERN? At this rate David is eventually going to get his own program where he just read’s Courteney’s old tax returns out loud and sobs. We won’t even going to pretend we wouldn’t TIVO that.

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