Demi’s Dad Blames Hollywood, Stress, Anyone But Demi’s Dad For Her Stint In Rehab



He’s no Michael Lohan just yet, but already Demi Lovato’s dad blames Hollywood for his daughter’s entrance into rehab. Says Patrick Lovato, “There are a lot of pressures. That is one of the things I worried about when she signed with Disney.” We’re inclined to agree with him. Girlfriend added “national teen star” to her plate when most kids her age only had to deal with stresses like “get learner’s permit” and “hide bra so friends don’t put it in the freezer.” And believe us, those were hard enough to deal with as it is!

Demi’s family’s dramatic influence, however, started even earlier than her contract with Mickey. Explained Patrick, “[Demi’s mother] Dianne and I each played in a band and we toured all over the United States and Canada and our oldest daughter Dallas went with us and I could see then what the pressures would be like for a child on tour because it was hard on Dallas too.” Right, so then you…had your younger daughter start acting on Barney & Friends when she was seven? Lovato was quick to add: “She enjoyed it because we were always on the road and we had a nice bus and it wasn’t too bad but the hours were difficult.” Hmmm, sounds like Dina Lohan and Patrick would have plenty to talk about if they ever got together. Better not though; their combined stage parent power might rip a hole in the space-time continuum.

Pop Lovato could not confirm reports that his daughter had been bullied prior to her decision to enter rehab, explaining “It’s been a couple of months. I’ve had cancer, I’ve been in the hospital for two months and I just got out.  She hasn’t visited, she’s been too busy, she’s been way too busy,” adding “She’ll be fine. She’s strong alright.” This story keeps getting sadder and sadder! Good luck to both Elder and Little Lovato, who we hope recovers quickly and enjoys a relaxing break from the career she’s had since the first grade. [Photo: Splash News Online]

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