MC Hammer Tries To Have A Beef With Jay-Z


Is there any cry for help so loud as the one made by a washed-up pop star? Usually it comes in the form of a reality game show appearance or a cameo in a TV movie, but it’s always sad. At least we can give points for originality to MC Hammer, who is trying to make a comeback by creating a beef with the world’s most successful musicians.

Hammer feels slighted by Jay-Z because Jay rapped the lyric “Hammer went broke” on Kanye West‘s single “So Appalled.” Um, thing is, he did go broke, it’s not like that was some kind of slander. Generally, when one gold-plates their entire home, they tend to go bankrupt. But in response, Hammer (now calling himself King Hammer) came out with a new rap of his own, called “Better Run Run” and the video features a Jay-Z lookalike who’s being chased by the devil and has lyrics like “Devil said, ‘Imma give you the world’ / ‘I’ll take it, plus give me a girl’ / ‘Mr. Devil, can you give me a sign’ / He said, ‘Throw the Roc up, that’s one of mine.” Then Hammer, an ordained minister in real life, baptizes Fake Jay, absolvingĀ  him of his “sins.” We’re not sure if this manufactured beef will sell more albums or even elicit a response from Jay-Z, but it certainly is doing the trick as far as getting people talking about MC Hammer again.

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