Overshare Alert! Lisa Rinna’s New Lips Make Kissing, “Something Else” Much Easier


It’s sort of sweet to find out that Lisa Rinna’s new post-surgery lips make smooching her husband Harry Hamlin a breeze. But she couldn’t have just stopped there, could she? “Trust me,” Rinna says coyly, “now that I have removed the silicone from my lips, I feel sexier and Harry loves them. It makes kissing and something else much easier.” Ugh, Lisa, come on! That overshare was so wrong, part of our brain just shut down. At the end of the series The Walking Dead, they’ll probably reveal the zombies were just people who read that quote about Lisa sexing her husband. That being said, if Rinna had a medical procedure that makes kissing, among other things, feel like she’s making out with a helium balloon, we’re glad she took the steps to finally get it fixed.

Explains Lisa, “I remove the cover of magazines when girls who have had too much plastic surgery are on them. That’s the last thing my girls need to see. All these young Hollywood actresses need to stop trying to be the next Angelina Jolie and learn to love themselves.” You’re going to have to remove more than just some magazine covers, Lisa. For starters, all of your family pictures from the past 15 years.

Lisa also warns women who might still be considering the silicone lip injections Rinna maintained for years: “I want young women to learn to love themselves. You don’t need to change anything especially your lips.” Lisa is nothing if not the poster child for bad plastic surgery. Maybe she can start a D.A.R.E.-type program that visits acting classes and rehab clinic, sort of a Scared Straight for struggling actresses. First stop: Betty Ford.

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