Records That Don’t Need Breaking: Man Stays Awake For 40 Days



This is stupid. Tyler Shields, a photographer, who loves to shoot starlets brandishing guns or covered in blood or in some sort of violent situation, allegedly stayed awake for 40 days. Because that needed to happen.

Reports AOL News:

Though Guinness World Records officials say they won’t recognize his stunt because it’s so difficult to prove and so dangerous to try, Shields believes he more than doubled existing sleep-related records.

“It’s important for people to do things and believe in things that may seem impossible,” said the sleepless photographer, who often snaps photos of stars like Lindsay Lohan. “Just because someone tells you something is impossible, doesn’t mean it’s impossible.”

Shields says he surrounded himself with a team of monitors who watched over him 24 hours per day throughout the stunt — and he kept working, scheduling shoots and snapping photos on his final night.

“I wanted to challenge myself,” he told AOL News. “A lot of people said it was impossible. A lot of people said I would never make it 40 days. Well, I did.”

Listen, Shields. This isn’t a flying/sailing-around-the-world-solo situation or seeing how far you can free dive. What’s the point? To go even more insane? To push your mind to, like, the outer limits?

I mean, I appreciate your general point of perseverance and believing in yourself but I feel like the sentiment doesn’t quite perfectly match up with the act, which, I actually thought was physically impossible. So I guess that’s sort of cool? But there are so many other feats of physical impossibility that I’d prefer to see before this one. Like, I don’t know, ask David Blaine for ideas.

Was this intended as performance art? Because if you’re going after a Guinness record, it sounds like just a David Blaine-ian stunt. This is no Maria Abramovic performance piece that requires actual concentration, as opposed to Red Bull and coffee, and forges human connection, makes people cry, etc. etc. pretentious, pretentious. It just seems pointless. Nihilistic. Buy a pet marmot and call it a day. I guess what I’m saying is, again, “What is the goddamn point??” Because it’s “awesome”? Sure.

One last thing. Is he trying to compare himself to Jesus? It kind of seems so. 40 is not an arbitrary number to deprive yourself of something. Stupid.

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