Update: Kim Kardashian’s “New Song” Is A Fake!


Update: Kim Kardashian has tweeted that this song is, in fact, not hers! So ignore our gushing below and leave your guesses as to who is singing “Shake” in the comments. Is it J. Lo? A random nobody? Khloe Kardashian? (Er, same thing, right?) Who knows, maybe it really was Microsoft Speech.


No way, this is actually happening! When we heard a few days back that  Kim Kardashian was in the studio recording songs for her debut album, we were undoubtably curious. Well it looks like the techo gods heard our prayers, because this afternoon we were treated to a small taste of what’s to come.  Her first single “Shake” was leaked today, and we can’t help but feel it features the vocal stylings of the Microsoft speech program. But besides that, it’s pretty catchy and she does have a pretty good breathy voice.

Let’s see what Kim and producer-maestro The Dream cook up for us with the rest of the album! Let’s hope they don’t Ke$ha all over it with the autotuner.

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