Justin Bieber Wants His Very Own Bieber Force One



We’ll say it: we’re worried about the Bieber. The sudden mega-fame has got to wear on the 16-year-old Justin Bieber, and those close to him say the strain is starting to show. Tired of the unwanted attention he receives while renting private jets, Biebs is reportedly in the market for a personal plane of his own.

Insiders told the Chicago Sun-Times that the teen sensation “hates it when other…people approach him at the terminal and ask for autographs or photos. He is now shopping for his own private plane. Likely a G-4.” For those of you who aren’t plane buffs, a G-4, also called a Gulfstream IV, is a 20-seat private jet used extensively in the military. It’s the perfect vehicle for Bieber to control his teen empire from the air! But it’ll set him back a bit. Reportedly the G-4’s go for upwards of $38 million.

“Justin has really become a lot to handle,” the source continued. “He really has become paranoid about being protected from fans or just about anyone else he doesn’t know. He’s become terribly jumpy and is constantly snapping at everyone around him.” It makes a lot of sense considering his recent incident at an arcade. He wasn’t like he was out doing lines of blow in some club; he just wanted to play some lazer tag. You know, like a kid. Let’s hope the plane privacy does the trick and he doesn’t go all Howard Hughes on us.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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