Introducing Mel Gibson’s Beaver Poster: Good Luck Getting To Sleep Tonight



ADDRESS YOURSELF TO THE PUPPET! Ah, we can imagine Mel screaming that at a terrified police officer now. Feast your eyes on the latest poster for Mel Gibson’s The Beaver, directed by Jodie Foster and starring Gibson as a man who believes his beaver puppet is a sentient being. Ten bucks says the movie was originally about a grieving father trying to sail around the world while befriending a scrappy tween, and then one day Gibson just showed up with the puppet on his hand…and no one had the heart (read: taser) to tell him no. Wow, just imagine all the other movies they could make based on Mel’s real-life lunatic behavior: See You Down At the Rose Garden, Desperately Seeking Sugar Tits, Babies Be Paying Rent, or What Women Want 2: Restraining Order Boogaloo!

Foster calls Gibson’s role “one of his most powerful and moving performances,” which is great to hear. What better way to revamp Mel’s career as a Hollywood hunk then a disturbing film about a puppet-controlled, mentally-ill person? We can’t want to see that mangy, gin-soaked animal accepting the Best Actor Oscar next year. And it’ll be even weirder that he’s wearing a puppet! [Photo:]

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