Mel Gibson’s Poster For The Beaver Takes On Creepy New Meaning


Sure, Mel Gibson, blame the beaver puppet:

Yeah I’ll address myself to the puppet – right after the puppet SHUTS UP AND BLOWS ME. Sorry for flying off the handle, I’m holding a gopher puppet and my puppet made me say that.

Anyway…that’s the poster for the Mel Gibson / Jodie Foster movie The Beaver, the story of a man who one day decides to live his entire life speaking through a beaver puppet, but which is currently on indefinite hiatus because of whatever Mel Gibson did (parking ticket? Definitely something parking related.) Unfortunately, this makes no sense, because who wouldn’t extremely want to see Mel Gibson talking through a beaver puppet right now? I extremely want that. Don’t miss this rare opportunity for your whole movie to seem way creepier and more menacing than you ever intended, Beaver people!


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