T-Pain Desecrates Michael Jackson’s Grave With Autotuned “P.Y.T.”


Why does God take all the good ones? Why did he take Michael Jackson away from us at such a young age, while he allows Autotune to live a long and fruitful life? There is truly no justice.

And it’s only getting worse. Because one of Michael Jackson’s classics, “P.Y.T.,” has been maimed and destroyed by our leading autotuning culprit, T-Pain, along with handsome son of the dad on Growing Pains, Robin Thicke.

Get your pointing fingers out, and aim them at the following people: Quincy Jones, I am pointing at you. Robin Thicke, I am pointing at you. (Call me.) And T-Pain, of all people, I am especially pointing at you. Shame. SHAME.

Force yourself to listen to this…

Quincy Jones featuring T-Pain & Robin Thicke – P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing) by Hypetrak

But there is a bright side. That bright side is that most Americans have functioning earholes, and the moment this Rosie on The Jetsons backwash hit their eustachian tubes, they went crazy. Twitter users are slamming T-Pain for having titanium vocal chords, and Quincy Jones is none too happy. He told my new favorite website, Rap-Up.com:

Today with Facebook and Twitter and everything, I have never seen so many haters in my life. But it’s people sitting in their basements with their pants on the ground, just being haters. I don’t get it, man. That means they don’t have a life.

We don’t have a life? Us? We’re not the ones taking classic songs and hacking them into pieces in a mixing studio. Maybe if you spent less time doing searches for yourself on Twitter and more time writing new material that is sung by an actual human being and not HAL, we wouldn’t be in this mess.

T-Pain, please autotune this and afterlife fax it to Michael Jackson, wherever he may be.

(via Eliot Glazer)

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