Warning: 127 Hours May Cause Fainting, Seizures and Nausea. Use Only As Directed.



Usually when people say a movie made them vomit, it’s just a figure of speech. Sadly, for James Franco, these complaints seem scarily real. Apparently his latest film 127 Hours has been causing some audience members to become physically sick!

What on earth could have caused all the fuss? Well, 127 Hours tells the true story of rock-climber Aron Ralston, who was pinned beneath a bolder for five days in 2003. Eventually the climber was forced to amputate is own arm to survive. According to The Daily Mail, Franco’s performance as Ralston is graphic, to say the least. Reviewer Chris Tookey describes the scene in question as “the most harrowing bone-breaking and amputation scene in the history of cinema.” Move over, Requiem For A Dream.

The London Sun has reported that when the Danny Boyle directed feature closed the London Film Festival last week, medics had to be called to manage cases of nausea, fainting, and even seizures. “Boyle looked on as paramedics treated fans struggling to cope with the gruesome scenes.” Clearly this movie isn’t for the faint of heart.

127 Hours opens wide today. Will you go and see it? If you do, be on the safe side and bring a tarp.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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