Dina Lohan On The Today Show Again, Talkin’ Rehab


Back in August, Dina Lohan spoke to Matt Lauer on The Today Show about her daughter Lindsay, and what occurred was nothing short of a sh*tshow. Dina was argumentative, claims she was ambushed, and dodged Lauer’s questions using some kind of Long Island double-talk language we’re not familiar with. There was definitely some tension between Lauer and Lohan, which is why it’s surprising that she appeared on the show again today to speak with him about the same exact things. There was still a lot of double-talk, but this time, Dina’s not in denial anymore that her daughter is an addict. Quite the opposite; Dina actually loves rehab so much she actually said she hoped Lindsay would open her own rehab facility.

Couple things though: Just two months ago, worst dad ever Michael Lohan said he wanted to open a spiritual rehab center, and then Lindsay and Michael reunited this weekend as part of her healing process. Could this family finally reunite with a common goal of helping others? Could Dina and Michael end their contentious relationship in order to heal their child and others? Doubtful! These are the Lohans we’re talking about. And besides, Lindsay has no plans to scrap her acting career. (This Linda Lovelace biopic isn’t going to wait around forever – except that it totally is, God, just recast it already.) On the other hand, no one ever imagined that First Lady Betty Ford would be synonymous with rehab, so who knows? Maybe the Lohan Family Treatment Center will be the first name in treating the damaged starlets of tomorrow.

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