Going Up Against Gaga Like “Fighting Jesus” Says Her Boyfriend’s Ex, Though Not As Fierce


Someone get LeAnn Rimes on the phone! There’s man-stealing a’foot and we know she’d want in! In recent dude-snatching news, apperently Lady Gaga’s boyfriend Luc Carl wasn’t just sitting around pining when Gaga sucked him up in her glitter hovercraft and whisked him away. At least not according to his ex actress Alex Stebbins, who claims she and Carl had a “perfect relationship” before he returned to on-again, off-again lovah Gaga.  Says Stebbins, “It was really hard to be with someone who has a really famous ex-girlfriend who would stop at nothing to get him back.” That sounds like the set-up for a really amazing ’80s teen comedy, not someone’s real life!

Says Stebbins, “I wasn’t going to go toe to toe with Lady Gaga, because that’s like fighting Jesus. She’s the most powerful woman in the world, and there’s no winning.” Imagine if you did try to tangle with Gaga though! It would be like an epic battle of good vs evil, except Gaga is both good and evil and you’re just a college junior who was on one episode of Law & Order: SVU. Maybe it’s just us, but if the Lady G wanted our man, we would graciously bow out, knowing the better woman won. The same as if Jesus wanted him, but we guess we’d have a few more questions in that case.

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