The Fact That There’s Really A Kim Kardashian MasterCard: Priceless



The Kardashians are nothing if not savvy about how to cash in on their name, and this might be the most heinous example of a Kardashian lending her name to a ridiculous product. The Kardashian Prepaid MasterCard for kids is launching this week. Yes, Kim is shilling a credit card to kids as young as 13 years old who look up to her.* The card will allow parents to monitor their kids’s spending via cellphone and is supposed to teach them how to be fiscally responsible for the money their parents give them.

A rep for Mobile Resource, the company launching the card, explained “Teens do not spend their money as their parents think they do. And, drugs are a huge problem in this country. I give my son a small amount of cash and track his spending on his card.” Ummm, this “rep” makes an awful lot of assumptions about teens, money, and drugs, maybe he needs to have a heart to heart with his son or something. And also remember that a woman famous for making a sex tape and shopping is the face of his product before he starts judging all these bad seeds out there.

We never got an allowance of any kind from our parents, we just asked for $10 when we wanted to go  to the movies. Does that make us super old, super poor, or just respectful of the fact that our parents were not an ATM?

*Wrong for so many reasons.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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