Carey Mulligan Is Infatuated With Mario Lopez


As a kid, Carey Mulligan watched Saved By The Bell just like we did. She wholeheartedly admits to having a crush on Mario Lopez because of his portrayal as jock meat-head A.C. Slater (we were more Team Zack ourselves). What’s so cute about this teenage crush (beyond the fact that she actually admits it) is that now that Mulligan’s a star who occasionally gets interviewed by Lopez, she turns back into a twelve-year-old girl and gets giddy at the sight of him.

Speaking at the L.A. Times Young Hollywood Round Table, Mulligan explained, “I’m always thrilled when I see [Lopez]. He hosts a show and every time, all the way through awards season, every time we did a red carpet and I saw A.C. Slater, I was like a complete disaster. I went bright red … and they make you stand really close to these people — uncomfortably close — and because of the camera angles, I was always within sort of kissing distance. Every one of my dreams has come true this year, including that.” We could not love her any more.

No word on what Jessie Spano’s reaction to this is, however we doubt that she’s so excited to hear that someone is moving in on her man A.C. Fellow Mario lovers can catch him on VH1 every Monday at 10:30 PM EST, in his show Saved By The Baby. Carey, we know you watch!

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