Charlie Sheen Not Worried About His Recent Sex N’ Drugs Disaster


Charlie Sheen is responding to the whole cocaine/porn star/hotel trashing bender that’s kept him in the news for the last two weeks. He’s back at work on the Two and a Half Men set and clearly nothing fazes him, considering his take on his crazy-pants behavior. As always we’d like to insert our opinion on the actor’s mess of a life, so here are Charlie’s recent comments on the incident and our response.

Charlie Sheen: “I’m not panicking.”
Fablife:  Have you lost your damn mind?

CS: “A guy has one bad night and everyone goes insane, panics.”
FL:  Have you lost your damn mind?

CS: “If you have expensive taste you have to be prepared for expensive losses. It is what it is.”
FL:  Have you lost your damn mind?

This is how Charlie rolls. Hookers, porn stars, drugs, alcohol: it’s all good with him because he reckons he doesn’t have a problem. Confirmation that, yes, he’s lost his damn mind.

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