Fat Gwyneth Paltrow Same Size As Skinny Gwyneth Paltrow



People Magazine reports today that Gwyneth Paltrow had to gain twenty pounds to play the role of washed-up, alcoholic country star Kelly Canter in the upcoming film Country Strong.  Of course that meant an interview with Paltrow’s notorious trainer Tracy Anderson, who had to sit idly while her star pupil self-destructed with bucket after bucket of fried chicken. Anderson, who whipped Paltrow into shape for Iron Man, said “It was frustrating for me, but they wanted her to gain.”

But then of course, Anderson says that Paltrow dropped the weight immediately after filming wrapped just by resuming her normal exercise routine. People annoyingly writes “She didn’t even need to kick it up a notch.” Well of course she didn’t, she’s Gwyneth Paltrow. She farts rainbows and loses weight just by thinking smug, cleanse-y thoughts. Here’s the thing though: The photos above show Gwyneth in the film (at left), where she is supposed to be 20 lbs. heavier. The photo on the right is Gwyneth at the film’s premiere last night, post weight-loss. Pretty hard to tell which photo is supposed to be “fat” Gwyneth. In fact, “fat” Gwyneth is still skinnier than anyone we know in real life. And hey, what kind of “fat” country star was she supposed to emulate anyway? Obese Faith Hill? Enormous Carrie Underwood? None of this makes any sense. Especially since, if they really wanted her to pack on the pounds, they could have just gotten Gwyneth’s Shallow Hal fat suit out of storage.

[Photos: Sony Pictures/Getty Images]

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