Mel Had To Fork Over A Buttload Of Guns To Police


In the latest news from the terror mind, police reports show this past July Mel Gibson surrendered his guns to police…and yes, that was guns, as in plural, as in multiple guns. Apparently when Oksana Grigorieva took out a domestic violence restraining order against him a few months ago, standard police op required Mel to hand over all weapons, a list we’re imagining included everything from “anything light enough for Mel to pick up and heave at a police cruiser” and “every curse word known to man.”

Unfortunately, what was actually on the “Receipt for Property Taken Into Custody” recorded on July 15 is way more disturbing, as you’re about to find out. The firearms Gibson had to have pried out of his blubbering, maniacal hands were:

  • A blue steel, semi-automatic 9 millimeter Glock handgun
  • A blue steel, semi-automatic  9 millimeter Beretta handgun
  • A blue steel, semi-automatic 12 gauge Benelli shotgun
  • A blue steel, lever action Winchester rifle
  • A magazine for the Glock
  • A magazine for the Beretta
  • A speed loader for the Glock

How we wish we still lived in a world were “Blue Steel” was merely a Zoolander reference. Well, at least Mel didn’t have a tank. Not one that they made him hand over, anyway…

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