The Biebs Is Hurt!


Bieber down, Bieber down, you guys! Justin Bieber reportedly injured his leg during a gig in Cleveland last night. It’s uncertain how he hurt himself, but he likely busted his knee while busting a dance move. He limped his way through the second half of the show, and even came back out for an encore. (that’s our Biebs!)

Team Justin reps are waiting to hear back from the doctor, but they’re hoping it’s nothing worse than a sprain. This wouldn’t be the first time he’s sacrificed his limbs to perform. Last year the singer tripped over an amp, rolling his ankle and winding up with a fractured foot! Of course, he finished the song without missing a note. What a trouper. One time we stubbed our toe and got out of gym class for a week.

Victims of Bieber Fever, you know what you have to do, right? If you believe in Biebers clap your hands, and he’ll be back up dancing in no time. Maybe Kim Kardashian will kiss it and make it better.

[Photo: Images]

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