Bill Clinton Will Flex His Acting Muscles In The Hangover 2


This ex-president of ours never ceases to surprise us. And we’re talking about Bill Clinton this time, not George W. Bush, whose actions are never surprising anymore. First Clinton shocked us by actually having an opinion about Lil’ Wayne‘s release from prison and now he’s totally going Hollywood and has signed on for a cameo in The Hangover 2. In fact, the scene Clinton will be in has already been shot, as he was conveniently in Bangkok, Thailand this weekend, which is where the movie takes place. We can’t wait to see the film but we have to wonder if Bill saw the first movie (or, more importantly, the closing credits) and knows what he’s getting himself into.

Between the President’s guest role in this film and Hillary Clinton‘s recent hilarious interview on Australian TV, is is weird that we sorta want to hang out with these two now?

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