LifeStyles Condoms Will Pay For Snooki’s Birthday; Snooki’s Birthday Will Pay For Itself



We may not be surprised to hear that LifeStyles Condoms will sponsor Snooki’s birthday, but it doesn’t mean we aren’t eternally grateful. With the party taking place in the VIP room at the New York club Pascha, Snooki reportedly turned down a number of liquor companies willing to foot the bill before choosing the love glove company to pay for the shindig.  Snooki must have had her little calculator and Excel spreadsheet out all night, crunching numbers into the wee hours of the morning to figure out which would turn out to be cheaper. That, or the Center For Disease Control had to call in a few favors. Either way, we as Americans support this.

According to a source, “Snooki is an advocate for safe sex, and so was happy to have them as her party sponsor. They’ll probably have a booth at the party giving out condoms to guests. But this party is really for Snooki’s close friends, and she is personally paying for most of it.” Hmmm, having a condom company sponsor your party AND paying for most of it yourself? That only makes sense if Snooki’s just going to back up a semi to the side of the club and have them load the condoms straight in. A move we can totally get behind! Bring one for The Situation and Angelina, too!

About the sponsorship, Snooki’s rep says “Her message is if you are going to have sex, do it safely. It is going to be a great party.” We’re just glad to know that pickles of every size will be safe around Snooki for her birthday, and vice versa. And probably for the next week, depending on how many cases she gets to take home. [Photo: Splash News Online]

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