Rob And Kristen Bid Farewell To Brazil, Sexiest Week Of Their Lives



Robert Pattinson (photos) and Kristen Stewart (photos) were spotted by a fan hustling through the airport in Brazil on their way back to the US. The couple was in the world’s sexiest country for a week, filming the raciest (read: vampire-human boning, FTW!) scenes from the last Twilight flick, Breaking Dawn. Rob and Kristen kissed, cuddled and held hands on-set last week, both on-camera and off.

Things got a little racier as RobSten jetted off to “Isle Esme” to film the epic ‘Edward impregnates a human virgin with his vampire sperm’ moment from the book, and while the shoot was under intense security a sneaky photographer and undercover cameraman managed to sneak around and snap photos of Rob swimming in his boxer briefs and Kristen shooting scenes clad in just underpants and a tank top.

We can’t imagine the ultra-private pair was thrilled with the security breaches. But we hope a couple sour moments with rogue paparazzi didn’t ruin the week for the pair, who looked like happy honeymooners themselves during their time in Brazil. All together now: “awwww!”

[Photo: Splash News Online via this fan video]

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