Oh Right… Julianne Hough And Ryan Seacrest Are Together



You know a relationship is going to go just swimmingly when your girlfriend says, “He totally wasn’t my type … I thought he was gay.”  You know it’s just going to flourish when your girlfriend adds, “He was after me since I was 18.”  Thus spake Julianne Hough of her boyfriend Ryan Seacrest.

Those statements made us want to wipe them clean from our memories and we had almost succeeded had it not been for Hough spilling more about their state-of-love. She revealed, “I could not be happier. Everything is wonderful. We are very compatible.” How adorably… generic. Julianne’s in the midst of promoting Burlesque a la Christina Aguilera post finishing up Footloose. But no matter how many projects she does, it isn’t possibly to achieve the superstar status of Smiley Seacrest. Of the glare (and not just from his teeth) following them around, she said, “People I have dated in the past, even though they have had a status of some sort, it was never like this. But when it’s worth it, it’s worth it.” Heard that Seacrest? The girl you’ve been chasing since she was 18 (Eww) thinks you’re worth it. Now go spend some more money on her!

[Photo: Getty Images]

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