Taylor Swift Is Always Surprised


rnrntaylorwhatWe love Taylor Swift around here (“Enchanted” is still on repeat on the ol’ iPod), which has led to hours and hours of analyzing her every move like forensic scientists. A discussion with VH1 Blog Editor Rich Juzwiak (also known as the genius behind FourFour and owner of the internet’s favorite cat) over her most recent (and kinda odd) “What?” moment at Sunday’s Country Music Awards led us to one conclusion: Taylor Swift is surprised and shocked onstage. A lot. So much so, that there was a bounty of clips just begging to be strung together into one giant visual gasp.rnrnRich – who is known for his video prowess – kindly cut together the above masterpiece: three minutes of Taylor Swift reacting onstage and at awards shows with various degrees of shock and surprise. She does it so often, it’s as if she has it down to a subconscious science: mouth drops open, delicate hand covers mouth, a gaze toward a friend in disbelief, topped with a “WHAT?” for good measure. We’re not sure what Taylor is surprised about – it’s pretty clear that after three huge albums, a gajillion awards and a mountain of accolades, everyone loves her.rnrnExcept, maybe, John Mayer.rnrntaylor448

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