The World’s Most Ironic Abstinence Commercial, Starring Bristol Palin And The Situation


Bristol Palin and The Situation have a new PSA promoting safe sex (and/or abstinence and/or Magnum condoms). There’s a lot wrong with this. We made a list.

1. These two are perhaps the most famous sex-having people in our country. One of them with eff anything that moves (well, not grenades), while the other is the most high-profile teenage mother ever. It’s weird that they’re doling out safe-sex advice right? Unlike all the examples from the Alanis Morissette song, this is the actual definition of ironic, isn’t it?

2. Gotta love that this conversation takes place backstage at Dancing With The Stars and it basically begins with The Sitch propositioning “B. Palin,” and referring to the act of sex, their private parts and Bristol’s child as “situations.”

3. “For real.” “For real for real?” “For real for real for real for real.” “Wapaow!” “Snap!” The writing is so nuanced, you know? Not to mention the performances.

4. We have no problem with the slogan “Pause Before You Play” or the intent behind this PSA, but shortening it to “PBYP” is a little too “WWJD”, KWIM? Besides, kids today don’t watch commercials – that’s why fast-forward was invented.

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