Breaking: Spain Produces High Quality Lids


Oh man. This is great. This is a Spanish infomercial for a pot with a lid which, I assume, is touted to be unbreakable.

I’d like everyone to just pause and appreciate the pun from the title.

Here is the English transcript of the video for those of you who don’t speak Spanish. I studied in Sevilla, summers. My family has a villa there. So I’m fluent.

“You put the lid on when you want to cook. But before we demonstrate the actual use of this product, we should first show how this lid was inspired by Bruce Willis in the film Unbreakable, as this is top is indeed, unbreakable. You don’t believe me? Check this ess out! Tapas!”

Lid smashes

“Look at this! Who is responsible for this? Someone get me Bruce Willis on the phone! This is his doing! Lorca!”

Play this in slow motion to the La Boheme death scene and it’s absolutely heartbreaking.

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