Got An Extra $45K A Month Lying Around? Rent Nicole Kidman’s Apartment!


It’s enough that celebrities rub their tropical surf vacations in our faces and flaunt their dumb fur coats around town, we don’t need to be reminded that they live in homes that could easily fit 25 of our one-bedroom apartments inside.  Unfortunately, that’s a fact that was highlighted this morning when we read about how Nicole Kidman’s New York apartment is for rent, and you too could live in her lap of luxury for the low, low price of $45,000 a month. No, not $4,500 a month. $45,000. As in, roughly the same amount the average American takes home in a year.

Photos of the apartment show that it has a glorious view of New Jersey, recessed lighting, a soaking tub, and penciled-in notches on a closet door that mark Tom Cruise’s height with and without lifts in his shoes. It’s positively palatial by New York standards, at a whopping 3,785 square feet, and if you can afford the rent, your neighbors would include Calvin Klein, Alexis Stewart (daughter of Martha), and Hugh Jackman. We would hope the rental price includes daily entertainment provided by Jackman and the occasional neighborly pan of brownies from the Stewarts, but somehow we doubt it. And the nice thing is that if you moved in, your landlord would be nearby, since Kidman and Keith Urban live in a $10 million apartment just a few blocks north.

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