The Hunger Games: We Pick Our Dream Cast



The Hunger Games is poised to be the world’s next giant movie franchise, and we are counting the seconds (and days, weeks, month and years) until it’s in theaters – or at least in production. If you haven’t read the trilogy of young adult books, you’re doing yourself a maj, MAJ disservice. And don’t give us that “I don’t read books like Twilight, pass me the Jonathan Franzen” BS; hear us out.

The Hunger Games is nothing like Twilight (this is coming from a Twi-hard, mind you), it’s a sci-fi nail-biter that focuses on a post-apocalyptic America (Panem) that keeps its citizens in check with a Battle Royale-style competition made up of two teens from each of the country’s districts. It’s got tons of action with enough romance to make us never think about Edward Cullen again (okay, that’s an obvious lie, but you get what we’re saying).

Gary Ross has just signed on to direct the movie, which means casting should begin soon. Obviously theFABlife wants in on the the fun, and we’ve spent weeks agonizing over our dream cast. We’ve finally nailed down the peeps we envision bringing The Hunger Games to life and we’ve listed them below, complete with a gallery and deets behind our picks. We’re sure you’re going to disagree with at least some of them, so leave your own Hunger Games dream cast list in the comments. Maybe you’ll make us change our minds!

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