Jake Gyllenhaal And Anne Hathaway Nude Magazine Covers: Collect Them All!


Anne Hathaway & Jake Gyllenhaal

You might think Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway shooting three different nude covers for Entertainment Weekly more a little ridiculous, but allow us to correct you. In the same way that Eskimos have dozens of words for snow, there are a variety of topless hugs that people, whether in love or merely amiable co-stars, can enjoy. On the left, we see the classic “romantic” shot, best recognized from the covers of Harlequin novels and books about erotic massage. Top right, we see a more earnest embrace, with the pair’s eyes aimed outward—this a favorite of couples where the wife is pregnant and neither person has any shame. Finally, bottom right, we see something less common: the ol’ “haha we’re amiable co-stars on the cover of Entertainment Weekly” shot spiced with the novelty of the celebs being bare-ass naked. This isn’t just a cheap way for the mag to hawk flesh, this is a chance for two shining young thespians to show off their range.

According to Jake, he and Anne will be showing it off throughout the upcoming Love & Other Drugs. “65 percent of the movie we don’t have our clothes on,” he told David Letterman last night. If the movie is half as titillating as they’re suggesting, at least 65% of the audience won’t have clothes on when the film eventually hits DVD.

[Photos: EW]

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