Eva, Tony And His Mistress In Grease Lip Sync? Tell Us More, Tell Us More!


What’s more embarrassing than a sex tape? An elaborately staged lip sync featuring you, your husband, and you husband’s mistress! In an unprecedented twist, this unbelievable video has surfaced featuringĀ Eva Longoria, Tony Parker and Erin Barry acting out a musical number from the classic film Grease.

Apparently the video was made last year to encourage other fans of the San Antonio Spurs to make film parodies of their own to submit in a competition. Tony said he choseĀ Grease because he counted it among his favorite films.

Eva dons a blonde wig to play the wholesome Sandy, while Tony busts a move in the bleachers with his leather attired pals, and together they dance through a high school. But the weirdest part occurs one minute and forty seconds in, when Tony’s alleged mistress Erin Barry appears as the ill-tempered Pink Lady Rizzo, who shoves Eva off a bench with her high heel. Who knew Grease had these kind of prophetic powers!

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