Oh HELLZ YEAHHH! DJ Angelina Trashbagz from the Jersey Shore bought herself a mic, an autotuner, and some DOPE ASS lyrics to put together a new song that’s sure to be blasted in your local clubs while you’re getting slizzered with your homeboyzzz! (I’m old.)

And if they rhymes in this song are any indication, it appears to have been penned by one Mr. Shooter McGavin of Happy Gilmore fame. Take this lyrical run from the heavens:

People diss me, try to dismiss me, Wait for me then say they miss me
Girls get jealous, boys wanna kiss me, Damn their eyes are keepin’ busy
(Unintelligible) try to rap my case, Match my pace and run the race
You can’t replace or crowd my space so step off bitch or I’ll punch your face.

What else do you need to hear? Oh, right, the song: LISTEN!

My second favorite rap song after this!!

In all seriousness, Kim Zolciak is like Mozart compared to this girl.

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