Kanye Never Should Have Apologized For Bush Comments, Says Russell Simmons



Poor Kanye! No matter what he does, he’s ticking somebody off. If he isn’t insulting former President George Bush, Kanye West is making fellow millionaires mad by not insulting former President George Bush. Can’t we cut this guy a break already?

Based on comments he made on his new show, according Russell Simmons, Kanye West’s apology to the President never should have left his brain, especially not when many so Americans agree with his original statements, i.e. that Bush was fairly crappy when it came to helping African-Americans.  Says Russell, “I’m a little bit disappointed that he apologized to George Bush. I felt like, why do that s**t?” Hmm, yeah…we agree with that. But then again, where were the other celebrities when Kanye was being raked over the coals for making Bush Jr. cry into the gigantic silky pillows on his Presidential Suite bed? Seems awfully convenient to bring it up now that it’s all blown over.

Explained Simmons, “Kanye says things that people think but don’t always get to say, so when he says ‘George Bush don’t like black people,’ it was what millions of Americans thought and felt.” Well, if ever there was a time to make some statements about the former President, today’s the day, Russell! We mean, Bush probably already has a half-empty box of Kleenex next to his bed. Really, how bad can you make him feel? [Photo: Splash News Online]

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