Rumors We Love: Justin Bieber Has A Secret “Flirt Coach”


Justin Bieber & Will Ferrell

Hot gossip from Britain’s The Sun! According to a confidential source, Justin Bieber has a “flirt coach” in his entourage to teach him how to steal our women! “Ryan shows him how to walk, how to talk, how to flirt, even how to wear his hat to attract as many girls as possible.” Do you think Ryan also taught Bieber how to bang a cowbell to attract as many girls as possible, too? Between his immaculately tilted hat and those primitive, sensual rhythms, how can any regular man hope to compete with the magnetic powers Bieb gains from his “flirt coach”? And is that him in the picture above?

Wait a sec…this “flirt coach” couldn’t be “Swagger Coach” Ryan Good, the “cool white boy” Usher hired to improve Bieber’s fashion sense? The one Bieber has acknowledged for over a year (“I have a swagger coach that helps me and teaches me different swaggerific things to do”)? Is there another Ryan on staff paid to preserve the sexy or are the staff at The Sun just lazy about googling their “scoops”? Until Bieber opens up about a new Ryan who teaches him different flirt-erific things to do, we’re going with the latter.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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