Shoot For The Moon! Glee’s Cory Monteith Wants To Work In Construction After Glee Ends


Learning choreography and singing a capella arrangements of pop hits might be many people’s idea of a dream job (not us; we have terrible coordination), but for Glee’s Finn Cory Monteith, if his monster hit show ended tomorrow, he’d probably be putting in a hard hat by next week.

Says Monteith, once the New Directions all get their diplomas, “I might do construction. I really enjoyed that. It’s very tangible, and you’re outside all day. It’s good fun!” Call us shallow fame-obsessed ghouls (Because, you know…we are), but we can’t imagine going from fake macking on hotties like Lea Michele and Dianna Agron to heaving 2x4s over our shoulders while wearing a back brace. Not that construction isn’t a great job; it’s just a long, long way from the perfumed poodle life we imagine stars like the Glee kids get to have.

Luckily, despite his lack of commitment to the acting life, Cory is still interested in improving his acting skills, explaining, “If you’re an aspiring actor and you want a good character study, you should be a taxi driver for a while — you see a lot of characters.” If driving a cab means you get to see the real-life versions of Sue Sylvester or Coach Bieste, then we would take that job in an instant. Or if we were Monteith we could just get rich and famous by playing our hunky self on TV! Okay, sorry. We’ll calm down.

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