Sources Say Scarlett And Ryan Are On The Rocks, We Call B.S.



Apparently in Hollywood, you have to be tethered to your spouse at all times to prove your relationship is solid. And if you’re both famous and your wife is hosting Saturday Night Live, you really should know that it’s expected of you to make a cameo just to reinforce the strength of your bond. These are apparently some of the rules that no one ever tells you before you make it big, but it’s a lesson Ryan Reynolds needs to learn now that the New York Daily News is claiming that his relationship with Scarlett Johansson is on the rocks, all because he couldn’t find the time in his schedule to make a cameo on what was easily the worst SNL episode of the year.

The Daily News writes “In October 2009, Johansson put in a surprise SNL appearance when Reynolds was the show’s guest host. Though we hear producers were interested in having the upcoming Green Lantern star make a similar cameo, Reynolds declined,” because he planned to attend a benefit for Parkinson’s disease that night.  As if to pound the final nail in their marriage’s coffin, they followed up by saying “Our first source says Reynolds didn’t watch SNL that evening.” Well, you know, probably because he was at the benefit and all, but really, how dare he? So many things wrong with this. One, who is the fly on the wall of Reynolds’ life that knows this detail? And have they ever heard of TiVo? Because about 99% of people have that now. Oh, and also, WHO CARES? Do you think Scarlett has seen every episode of Two Guys, A Girl And A Pizza Place just because Ryan was in that? Newsflash: NO one has seen every episode of that show.

There have been an awful lot of celebrity breakups this year, but lets not prematurely predict the demise of one more.

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