Emmy Rossum And Adam Duritz Break-Up Wasn’t A Big Deal For Them Either


Oh damn, looks like we missed one. Emmy Rossum says that she and Counting Crows lead singer Adam Duritz split…two months ago. How did she keep it quiet this long? It must have gotten lost in the Hollywood Nuclear-Breakup Pile under Christina and Jordan, Courteney and David, Eva and Tony, Billy Ray and Tish, Miley and Liam, etc. Sorry about that, guys. To apologize, here’s a sensationalized breakup post of your very own!

OK, it actually looks like it’s pretty amicable. Emmy spoke to USA Today’s Olivia Barker last week and casually mentioned that she and Adam have stopped seeing each other several months earlier. However, the actress maintained that she is “still very close friends” with her ex. The two started dating in September of 2009, despite Adam being over twenty years her senior. This isn’t the first time that Emmy has kept her private life under wraps. She was secretly married to music producer Justin Siegel for eighteen months in 2008.

A private life that is actually kept private? Remaining friends with her ex without any mud-slinging in the press? Not even one tiny law suit?! How rude! Didn’t she consider us poor entertainment writers? Maybe you don’t deserve a scandalous breakup post, Emmy!

[Photo: Images]

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