Kanye Still Upset That Taylor Swift Never Defended Him (Seriously.)



Kanye West took some time off last year to clear his head and realize that his behavior is often dickish. But now that he’s back in the limelight, the rapper might be more dickish than ever. Last night, during a concert in New York, West slammed Taylor Swift for not defending him after he screwed her over at the VMAs last year. It begs the question “Why should she?” but that never seems to enter Kanye’s mind.

West also told the crowd at the Bowery Ballroom that he let his emotions run wild when he made the Hurricane Katrina comment about George Bush hating black people, and said:

I was emotional, that was not exactly the way I wanted to say, I was emotional, that was not exactly the way I wanted to word it, but I wrote it, I rode it, just as Taylor never came to my defense in any interview, and rode the waves and rode it and rode it, that’s the way I rode the waves of the Bush comment.

Sorry, bud, but we’re pretty sure Taylor Swift didn’t feel the need to defend you because you were an a-hole to her. Is that so hard to believe? We’re also pretty sure that Taylor (whose earnestness can be annoying, we’ll give you that) was not trying to ride anything. Your actions made a lot of people side with her because she’s a decent person. So yeah, that was all on you.

Full video of the rant against Taylor and his own emotions is after the jump. What do you think, is he justified or just being crazy Kanye yet again?

[Photo: Getty Images]

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