The Kanye West 10 Minute Complaint Challenge: Can You Get Through It?


Kanye West had a “secret” show in New York last night. Today a video got released from that show. The video is 10 straight minutes of Kanye West complaining, bragging and generally free-associating about anything he can think of. At 02:16 he says he’s there to play music and then he talks for eight more minutes. By all accounts, Kanye’s new album is actually great and most people seem to think he’s making some of the most interesting popular music right now, but this… Jesus Christ. This is awful. So here’s the challenge. Try to watch this whole thing and take Kanye seriously the whole time. If you make fun of him in your head even once, you lose.  Aaaaaaand START!

You LOST! Don’t try to tell me you didn’t lose. Even if you watched the whole thing, you lost. Nobody is a winner at the Kanye West 10 Minute Complaint Challenge.

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