Terminator 2 Star Edward Furlong Ordered To Stay Away From Wife



Even though Christian Bale blew it big time in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, we thought we’d have at least one John Connor who wouldn’t ruin our childhood memories with his knock-off Batman voice. Unfortunately, our youthful innocent is being tainted in a completely different and horrible way as news emerges that Los Angeles authorities have issued Terminator 2’s Edward Furlong a restraining order to stay away from wife Rachel Kneeland. Though rumors of Edward Furlong’s divorce from his actress wife popped up over a year ago, the couple is inexplicably still only separated. You know how you have paper work you’re always meaning to do, and you keep forgetting, then all of a sudden you have to get a restraining order against your spouse? Let this be a lesson to us all.

The 3-year restraining order came after Kneeland reported to authorities that Furlong drove past her home incessantly and refused to take a drug-test before seeing their kid. Ho boy. That news, combined with the fact that Furlong has basically morphed into a broke-down Pee-wee Herman, is pretty much the most terrifying thing we could possibly imagine. The order states that Furlong cannot contact his wife via email or telephone, own any handguns, or consume alcohol or drugs 12 hours prior to his visitations with the couple’s son Ethan. Though you know what they say about restraining orders: if you need one, there’s probably not much hope you’re actually going to listen to one. Because you are super crazy. [Photo: Wire Image]

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