Angelina, Brad’s Pants Shine At Paris Megamind Premiere


Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie

“Hey, Angie…check out these pants! They have all these pockets for the kids’ binkys and stuff…no manpurse for me!” “That’s nice, dear.” “Plus, they’re awesome and shiny—they’re kinda this military thing but I could totally wear them on the red carpet!” “That’s nice, dear.” “Thanks again for coming along with me for Megamind, too–I’ll totally return the favor for The Tourist.” “Actually, dear, the studio will probably want me to stand with Johnny Depp…to sell our chemistry and all.” “…How come you get to do the sexy movies and I don’t get to do the sexy movies?” “Brad, I thought Jesse James was very sexy.” “…Are you making fun of me?” “No, dear.” “Do my pants look stupid?” “No, dear.” “Pax thinks they’re cool.” “Of course, dear.”

[Photo: Getty Images]

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