Celine Dion Is Even More Sensual In Sign Language


I make no secret about my genuine, not-for-comedy adoration of Celine Dion, who I do believe is the most talented alien sent to our planet from Canada. She is a French Canadian Avatar, who chooses to tailrape our ears with vocal ability no other human on Earth can possibly match.

But today we found that extra layer of fantasticness that can take the already great and propel it into space to make it otherworldly. She goes by the name of Sophie, and she is a sign language interpreter. She films videos of herself signing the lyrics to very famous song. Including my #1 go-to karaoke crowd please, “It’s All Coming Back To Me Now.”

It goes without saying that if I was a deaf person, this would be my porn.

It’s like 3D MUSIC. Off to memorize every single movement in this video, “Single Ladies” style.

(Thanks to Lindsey Weber for alerting me)

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