Johnny Depp Squees Over Play Date Buddy Angelina Jolie


While starring in The Tourist, Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp get to make steamy hot love, but in real life Depp is basically one coffee date away from comparing diaper bags with her. Gushes Johnny about La Jolie,”We just got on instantly. We got on very well and within minutes, we were sitting there yakking about our kids, you know?” We totes know, dude! We wish we were eating croissants and taking about teething rings with Angelina right this instant!

Depp also said his offspring had the honor of hanging out with one of  Jolie and Brad Pitt’s golden children…the cool one. “Not a full on event, but we did have Angie’s boy, Angie and Brad’s boy, Pax, came over and he and my boy, Jack, played some video games one night, which was really sweet,”Johnny swooned. That really does sound heart-breakingly adorable. We bet there was eyeliner running down somebody’s face that night. Maybe even Angelina’s!

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