Jon Gosselin Makes Shocking Return To A Real, Non-Reality-Show Job



For a while there it seemed like Jon Gosselin was willing to do whatever it took not to be an average, working-class citizen ever again. The reality-TV dad was clearly bitten by the fame-bug and would only consider things like suing TLC, selling autographs, and mooching off younger girlfriends to maintain his douche-tastic lifestyle. Happily, we can report today that, unbelievably, Gosselin got a real job in his old field of expertise, working in IT. A source tells E! Online, “Jon is back at work at a normal jobHe’s working in technology, which he did before the show.” To which we say kudos and thank God he still has some sense. We were really worried about him for a while.

Could this mean the return of the camera-shy, humble Jon we grew to know on Jon And Kate Plus 8? We can only hope—at least it’s a step in the right direction. The real question we don’t even want to bring up though is who the hell hired him?

[Photo: Getty Images]

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