Kirsten Dunst Had A Nude Shower Scene With Ryan Gosling—And They Cut It!


Kirsten Dunst

Note to producers: if your erotic thriller is shelved for more than a year, don’t take any sex scenes out. If anything, shoot more. Kirsten Dunst revealed to Vanity Fair that she shot a graphic sex scene with Ryan Gosling in the long-delayed All Good Things, only now it’s not in the film. “What happened in the shower scene, she comes in and we start making out, and I gesture that I’m going to go down on him. And then I do.” Hey, no one likes a tease. “But the scene did get cut out. Not that we showed everything, but you saw what I was doing to him.” She also explained the character motivation that justified the nudity for her, but we’ll let you chase that down yourself. Spoilers, you know.

While this revelation should certainly boost pre-orders for the eventual unrated DVD (they have to make one now), it probably don’t do much for the box office. Combining “Ryan Gosling” with “NC-17″ sure hasn’t hurt public interest in Blue Valentine, now has it? We wouldn’t be surprised if the All Good Things team puts out a statement assuring the classy perverts of the world that Dunst still gets topless in their movie.  Watch Kirsten promote her thespian achievement at the film’s premiere in the gallery below.

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