Rumors We Love: Miley Cyrus Shoots Nude Pics To Celebrate Her Birthday


Miley Cyrus

Dang, Miley Cyrus! Straddling your boyfriend at your 18th birthday party, that we get. But nude pics? Already? Actually, the naughty folks at 4Chan have posted “evidence” that a headless, nude photo floating around the net is actually Miss Miley before the MTV EMAs, back when she was still seventeen! So if you decide to check out the photo, remember this: you’re either the kind of person who looks at fake Miley Cyrus nudes or you’re ready to have a chat with Chris Hansen. There’s no way classy way out of this.

Since Miley was already taking naughty photos in 2008 (for funsies!), it’s not hard to believe she’d continue to practice today. Actually, the main reason we don’t buy this new gossip is that her head isn’t in the shot. What, she’s suddenly going to become shy now that she’s not officially jailbait? This is a woman who pole danced at the Kids’ Choice Awards! When America gets The Full Miley, you can bet she’ll be beaming right at the camera. You’ve been warned.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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