Bob Saget Fondly Recalls Diapering The Olsen Twins



Full House’s Danny Tanner will always be our ideal sitcom dad, but jokes about how Bob Saget diapered the Olsen Twins when they were infants is really damaging the fantasy. Praising Mary-Kate and Ashley as “incredibly loving and generous,” Bob then reminisces “The joke I have with them is that I diapered them. They were three months old and doing the show and I also had a baby and there was a time when I knew how to diaper them really quickly. Of course, I had permission.” We don’t care if he had written permission from President Ronald Reagan, this still makes us super uncomfortable. Meanwhile, we’re sure the Olsens are just thrilled that their TV dad is bragging about helping with their diaper rash.

When asked if minded that he’ll be remembered primarily for his signature dad role, Saget argued “I don’t know if that’s true. What happens if I explode on the street and they say it’s ‘American’s Funniest Death’? It could be the video show or it could be a new show.” Well…it’ll probably be that exploding thing, if that actually happens. Sure, we all loved ABC’s TGIF line-up, but being splattered with exploding-person parts would make some serious headlines. [Photo: Getty Images]

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