Rumors We Love: Justin Bieber—Victim Of Cyber-Bullies!


Justin Bieber

Leave Justin Bieber alone, you…you…cyber-bullies! RadarOnline reports that Bieber recently became one of the many teenagers who has suffered vicious taunts from anonymous internet hooligans. How did they get past his handlers and rabid female fanbase you ask? Well, these demons somehow managed to “hack” Bieber’s Wikipedia page! We know, we can’t believe it either!

On Tuesday, 4:08am GMT, a vile, cowardly fiend replaced Bieb’s entire page with two simple, cutting sentences: “Justin Bieber is squirrel in a blender. He is gay.” Sure, the page was reverted to its previous state in less than 60 seconds, but that didn’t stop Radar from posting an “exclusive” on the frightening story. “At this time, no one knows who hacked into his bio,” they shuddered. But using our ability to click the page’s “view history” button, we discovered the culprit: the infamous Tom191! Oddly, no one bothered to report on an even worse bit of cyber-bullying that went down an hour later: Firecrotch979 managed to get “Justin Bieber is a douchebag” on his wikipedia page for three whole minutes! Will this “cyber-bullying” ever end? Someday Bieber might accidentally see it…and learn a naughty word!

[Photo: Getty Images]

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