Is Kim Kardashian Pregnant With Kanye’s Baby?!?!



Just when you think you’re not going to get through your Monday alive, rumors start popping up that allegedly Kim Kardashian is pregnant with Kanye West’s baby. Woo, that’s better than a cup of coffee! According to Media Take Out, “(We) spoke with a person VERY CLOSE to Kim Kardashian this morning. And according to them, Kim is PREGNANT!! Kim has been seeing Kanye off and on for years now. But this summer, they [hooked up] five or six times. Kanye told her that he didn’t want anything serious, but Kim really likes him.” Imma let you finish, but KIM IS ALLEGEDLY GOING TO HAVE ONE OF THE BEST BABIES OF ALL TIME! OF ALL TIME!

If he or she exists, of course. We’ve heard rumors about Kanye and Kim dating before, but could a little egomanical bun really be in Kim’s oven? According the source close to Kardashian, reportedly “Kim is being very secretive about everything. She calls him almost non-stop and wants to know what she should do.” Hmmm, as much as we want this to be true, it seems like the kind of rumor we shouldn’t believe until that baby is out of the womb and twittering. We’ll reserve @LittleBabyKanyeKardashian just to be sure! [Photo: Getty Images]

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