Christina Aguilera Gets An Early Birthday At Tokyo Burlesque Premiere


Christina Aguilera

A giant birthday cake nearly two weeks before the date? This is seriously not how you fight pregnancy rumors, Christina Aguilera! Though Xtina’s tight black dress at last night’s Burlesque premiere in Tokyo was infinitely more flattering than the previous day’s outfit, watching her coo over this premature pastry (they even put the date on the cake!) sure isn’t going to keep gossipmongers from wondering if—hell, hoping that—she’s got a little Rutler in her. How many of these is she going to get over the next ten days? At least she restrained herself from ripping off a piece and chowing down on stage.

See photos of Aguilera and Kristin Bell‘s red carpet dresses in the gallery below.

[Photo: WireImage]

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